Todd — I really enjoyed this piece. I am not sure how I first stumbled upon you on Medium — but in just a few short weeks you have really inspired me to get out of my own way.

I grabbed the Creative’s Curse on Amazon — after hearing about it in a Medium post. I then headed out on a 14-day ride — where I promptly devoured it.

I was inspired to start sharing my hidden writing — the thoughts I write down every day but rarely share.

I have been blogging and writing for a couple of motorcycle magazines for several years, but I kept looking for a way out. To talk about more than just riding — even though my pieces were rarely about just riding.

Then after reading several of your Medium Posts and the Creative’s Curse — something snapped. I just started writing and sharing. Not worrying about what anyone thought. Also, not worrying too much about accuracy. Just sharing. Knowing if I got hung up on content or accuracy — I would hold back. I knew I just needed to share while I continue to work on my book.

I sincerely thank you — and whomever I found you through. Keep up the great work!

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Infinitely Curious Explorer, Husband/Dad. Don’t Do ANYTHING! Do SOMETHING!!! Please follow me on NB-help me to get to 500 folowers.

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