One Last First Kiss at a Time!

This morning I woke up early. Too early. It’s my birthday. I should sleep in. I don’t want to get up, but my internal clock has other ideas. I reach for the recycled saki bottle on my nightstand. I keep them filled with water each night because they’re the perfect size for rehydrating first thing in the morning.

There’s always plenty to do, so staying awake is tempting. But I am tired. Really tired. Last night we went to a Latin restaurant’s soft opening for an early Birthday dinner. When we arrived, we learned they had lost our reservation. After…

How a Baby Overtook a God & Business Woman Ester Allen Howland started a revolution in the Greetings Card Industry.

Caravaggio, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Before the baby known as Cupid took over Valentine’s Day, he was initially brought forth around 700 BC, as Eros. According to Greek legend, he was more powerful than a God. Named after the Greek word for desire. The son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Eros would toy with the hearts of mortals and Gods — wreaking havoc on both. Before chubby babies brought love to unsuspecting mortals, Eros used his powers to force people to fall in love.

More Saturday Night Fever Travolta sexy throb and less Bruce Willis, Looks…

Singles Awareness Day Turns 15 in 2021. Or Does It?

Broken Heart Cookie via Envato Elements — Used by Permission

Addressing the Needs of the Lonely

Quenching the thirst of the lonely since approximately 2005, February 15th is the 15 anniversary of Singles Awareness Day. If you’re thinking to yourself, “that’s a lotta 5's,” you’d be right. But if you believe the accuracy of the date, you’re only partially on the right track. February 15th is the antithesis of Valentine’s day. Scientifically proving that every rose indeed has its thorn.

Why would I say it if it isn’t real? You came here expecting to hear hard-hitting, truthful news. Not to worry, I’m about to bring it…

Chris, I loved your piece. Far too often, we let ourselves be defined by others' opinions, desires, and fears. It's only when we commit to the voice inside us that we can truly start living the life we deserve.

Worst of All, Those Responsible will Not Respond

Receiving Someone Else’s Test Results

After being tested, I received account access, results, and personal information for someone else COVID testing. I do not want to discourage anyone from getting tested. It is a valuable service. I hope what I provide below will help individuals navigate the testing process and protect their personal information. Furthermore, I hope Covid Check Colorado and Primary Bio (whom I’ve been unable to reach) use this information to improve ASAP.

Colorado Testing Services

Being Gracious During Ungracious Times

Image thanks to Artist: @wanaktek at

Congratulations, it’s 2021! You made it! Now what.

For me, it all starts with Day 1. Last year, a good friend of mine, Mary Gaul, CEO of Success Magnified, gave me a holiday gift. The package’s size and weight felt like to might contain a small box of chocolates, albeit a heavy one.

I did not want to give in to temptation, so I did not unwrap the box for several days. When I did give in, I was elated to realize it was not chocolate. Temptation Crisis averted! …

How are Cloris Leachman and Sandra Bullock NOT the Same Person?

Wikipedia: Cloris Leachman in a publicity photo in July 1970

Cloris Leachman April 30, 1926 — January 26, 2021 (aged 94)

Today the world lost one of the great female comedians of the past several decades. Cloris Leachman was 94 years old. I eternally felt a slight personal connection to Ms. Leachman for three reasons. Mostly because we share the same birthday month, albeit 45 years apart. But, I’ve always imagined we’d laugh at the same jokes. If we were at a diner party, I could envision us sitting apart from the other guests. …

What Will You Choose to Celebrate in February 2021!

Photo by @Pravokrugulnik via Twenty20

The holidays are over. 2021 Resolutions written on January 1st are being discovered on refrigerator-sticky-notes. Hidden under take-out-menus for sushi or pizza. Hmm, pizza-sushi. Note to self: New Business idea Pizza-Sushi.

How did you do? Are you close to accomplishing your masochistic January Goals? Are you still pushing through Dry January? Squat challenges? It’s okay if you are not. There is no judgment here. Feel free to grab those sticky notes, place them in a file called “nice ideas for 2022,” and move on. …

Artists Remind Us To Live Life to the Fullest!

Tom Petty and Brian Olsen are two of my artists. January January 13, 2020, Artist Brian Olsen passed away — the world lost an artist. His family lost a son and brother. His friends, of which I count myself, lost a dear companion. I recently share some road stories about my time with Brian. But this morning, I realized I had a bit more to say.

This morning, Mark, Brian’s brother-in-law, reached out to me. He had read my article before hopping in his car. …

My exploration of self and the great unknown inspires others to seek out, commit to, and navigate their own unique journey towards truly being Alive!

Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit)

Many people have come to know me for riding a motorcycle, traveling, writing, and sharing photos over the years. However, I also had an entire life as a traveling musician and road manager. Overlapping that time, I was an Operations Manager, a VP, and even a CTO of a small but successful software company. However, when I start writing about some of these topics, it can really throw off some of…

Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit)

Infinitely Curious Explorer, Husband/Dad. Don’t Do ANYTHING! Do SOMETHING!!! Please follow me on NB-help me to get to 500 folowers.

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